We were standing next to a small stream. There was me and my wife and her Aunt Alice who had recently passed away. We were just standing there watching the water flow past. It was a dark blue-green. The grass we stood on went right to the shoreline. There was a steep bank on the other side with the sun shining below the the horizon. I couldn't tell if it was late evening or early morning. Aunt Alice was also my wife's godmother. They were very close.

After a while Alice said, "well I guess it's time." She stepped into the water and layed down, letting the current take her. We stood there and watched as she floated away. In the dark water we noticed other bodies floating. Their arms were crossed over their chests like they were going down a big slide. A few dozen yards downstream I noticed that the water flowed down into a tunnel and went underground. All of the bodies were disappearing into this tunnel. There were things popping up out of it too. They looked like little beach balls. Upon closer examination I noticed they were babies. They were floating up out of the tunnel. They came up so fast they almost bobbed right out of the water.

Although I had this dream some time ago, it has left a lasting impression. It seemed quite real (until I woke up of course). It made a lot of sense though. When we are born we are light and free. We haven't begun to accumulate all the baggage of a lifetime to weigh us down. The old folks were being dragged down to wherever their spirit or life force goes when they die.

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