I was sitting on the bed in the bedroom, using my husband’s laptop (that hasn’t actually been connected to the net since we moved). I could hear the shower running in the next room. I was noding. I had come up with the most brilliant idea for a node. Something no one else had written about -- something upon which I was the ultimate authority. The node was fabulous. It was my first node and I was getting C!’s and lots of upvotes. But then it disappeared and I got that message saying an editor had deleted it. So, I re-edited the node, cut out the parts I thought I could live without, added to the weaker parts. Perfection! I posted the node again in its new and improved form, and the same thing happened again. Tons of upvotes, then the node was deleted. This cycle repeated itself several times, and then I woke up.

What an odd thing to dream about – and I’ve only been here a few days!