• I was at my house. It was not my current home, but I knew it was my house. I had just bought a new toy and I was playing with it, throughout the whole dream.

    What it let me do was change the lighting properties for any object, in any enviroment, or any wall. I remember looking at a can of coke. It was black and white. However, when I set it on a certain table, it became its normal red color.

    Some rooms I set to glow with a dark blue aura.. It's a cool dream, but really substanceless. I vaguely know of another dream I had, but alas, I forgot it.

We've been playing assassins, in which people kill you by putting a sticker on you. Last night I dreamt that people kept on coming up to me and assassinating me. It was very frightening. Somethine else happened. Then another thing. And that was all.

- / +

  • My kids were exhausted after ice hockey practice and fell asleep on the stairs.

  • In the restaurant I wanted to make love to her, and I didn't know what to do; it overwhelmed me; I went out to the car to sit. I was very conscious of being naked under my clothes. Pete showed up and knocked at my window, scaring me. He was eating m&ms and grinning. The cashier had given them to him; he'd charmed her. He wanted to know why I was in the car and I couldn't tell him, couldn't say anything. I'd forgotten he would be meeting us here, and I knew I had to go back inside and sit at the table with her and pretend I was ok.

  • I snapped at Vicki and gave her corn on the cob to make up for it.

  • boys I went to high school with, jumping on a trampoline at the edge of the football field

  • writing in narrow columns on a dry-erase board

  • hands full of photographs
  • I was a soldier in the armies of Saddam Hussein. The uniform was a sterile-white jumpsuit. We didn't have much work to do, being seldom called upon to fight anyone, but a number of the soldiers decided they didn't agree with Saddam's ideas, and so would revolt. Saddam got wind of the plan and became angry. He immediately set us to doing hard drills, marching across muddy battlefields and diving to the ground on his signal (ala All Quiet on the Western Front). We had to dig holes to fall into each time we dropped, using fancy pickaxes with jigsaw-edged tips. When I reached the edge of the mud field, however, I fled. The drill ground was within the walls of Saddam's mansion in a city that was supposedly Berlin, so I raced into the street and caught a ride on a horse-drawn pickup bed. I kept running from scene to scene, afraid of being caught. I hid in mods for Half-Life, including CounterStrike and one based on BattleTech in which midget battlesuits chased me around ruined buildings. I also tried to hide in Furcadia, posing as my old character Tani-ro, but I no longer remembered how to roleplay him (I had him acting like some kind of magically-apt court jester instead of a poet), and didn't feel comfortable around the yiffers who had once been my friends. Finally I returned to fight Saddam. The battle went well, though I don't recall the details, and finally we had the remaining Saddam loyalists marching out as POW's. Thinking they were still hostile, I grabbed an Uzi from the ground and sprayed a few shots into the air, then hid behind a tree. One POW shouted, "Hey, who fired that Uzi?" and started searching for me as I circled around the tree. I was eventually caught, and even though I set the gun down, saying it had just been a warning shot, the POW pulled a pistol and shot me. I figured it was because he was angry that I had used an Israeli gun. As I crumpled to the ground, clutching my chest, I saw a huge "Game Over," made of stone blocks like the old Zork logo and with a soldier's helmet hanging from it, in the dark sky.

  • I was about to board a plane to go to Europe. I was with a couple of friends who were going there for a school project, but I had no real reason or plan. There was a large crowd waiting to board, and the bearded male attendant at the cockpit door was turning people away based on a dress code. I wore a pale green sport coat and a matching hat with pleated nylon fabric hanging down from the bill, but I was admitted so long as I didn't try to wear my extra hat, a derby.
  • I am at the home of a casual friend at night, and my curfew is 1am. He's telling me how my ex-boyfriend was really bad for me, and he was worried about me. I've always kinda liked this guy's brother. So, the guy has to leave, and now I'm hanging out with another casual friend (but I know him better than the first guy) and some person (a friend, but I don't know who). I think the other person is a girl, and she's talking to us, but we're not paying attention. He and I are just laying on the bed curled up and holding hands and pretending to listen. The next thing I know, I'm with a thrid casual friend whom I have known since childhood. I'm also friends with his girlfriend. Well, we have sex, and I'm a little worried that we aren't using a condom, but something makes me sure that I have nothing to worry about. While we're having sex, I think of the guy's brother seeing us, and I think of the girlfriend. After we've finished, he sucks the cum out (yes, I know that's bizarre). Then, I look at the clock which reads 1:11 am. I start of pannic, and I tell the guy to tell my friend why I've left his house. When I get home, I'm surprised that my parents are not mad; they don't even notice that I'm late. Then, I look at the clock and it says 10:30 pm.

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