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  • finding four new silver hairs

  • All the sidewalk booths had signs saying "Antique shop in basement," and I decided to go look at one. Stone steps led me to a tiny room with a half dozen boring vases on a shelf - mostly this was just someone's downstairs, with a recliner and a couch and a TV. I wanted to leave quickly before they found me intruding, but I couldn't find the staircase again. I had to crawl into the fireplace and hope the chimney turned into stairs, which it did.

  • A print ad for a "massage device" in which the copy described all the ways no one would ever use this thing: for the neck, the lumbar region, etc. At the end it said Plus, it feels pretty good in your crotch.

  • Leaning out the castle window, looking up up up along the blackened stone, rain thundering down, blue lightning scissoring the sky. Later I ran through that rain and lightning to get away, and to get closer to something.

  • Arnold Schwartzenegger's face in black and white, grimacing

  • There were only four of them in the group, so when they pretended to be Hanson, they put a big rock behind the drums and told everyone it was Zac.

  • Lying on our backs on a gigantic bed. Pale blue ceiling. We were both mostly bored and half-asleep. I don't know what we were watching but it must have been porn because all the commercials were for condoms, lubricant, gatorade. When a commercial for Dannon yogurt came on, we were both briefly confused, until we realized.

    Pete said, "I'd like some of that right now."
    A cumshot?
    He was quiet and I thought he'd gone to sleep but he said "I just can't believe it."
    "I can't believe John Denver's dead."

I dreamed I found an enormous white worm in my bed. Like, the pure white of a pinworm, but almost the size of a small earthworm, and with the segments of an earthworm. I woke up all freaked out and was about to take a dose of Combantrin, aka, really really disgusting liquid dewormer, when I realized I must have dreamed it because actual parasitic pinworms look nothing like that. Eww.

I am immensely amused to find that Webster 1913's only example for the word parasitic is "preacher".

My first E2 dream - I dreamed one of my writeups (I don't remember which one) got a -87 reputation.

I am such a nerd.

Why can't I dream about something interesting? I dream so rarely, why do the precious moments when I get to be a fictional character get wasted on something as mundane as this?

Life is a hollow lie.

I was on the campus of Kenyon College, chatting with a fellow who looked like my tour guide from when I visited there IRL. He was showing me and explaining a bunch of graffiti artwork he had done on the walls of the dorms and on the sidewalks outside them. He was nationally acclaimed for this work, which showed stylized people engaged in routine, day-to-day activities. "They want me to paint the entire floor of the (?) Mall," he said, at which I was granted an image of a crowded mall: the people walking over a huge abstract design, a feathery red and yellow pattern sweeping the length of the visible (from a two story high 3/4 perspective) floor.

I was in my/the artist's* room. It was laid out the same as mine, only messier, with extra bookcases. Girls sat chattering on the beds as the artist entered the room. We were planning to start watching a series of anime videotapes, a sort of cross between Record of Lodoss War and that King Arthur cartoon. As I flipped through the tapes on a bookshelf next to my bed, looking for the first one, the artist told the girls about his many trophies and accomplishments. He was a member of a popular guy band. Hologram bookmarks depicting him and a black band member kept getting in my way as I looked for the missing tape--in fact, the bookmarks showed up even when I looked out the window.
Since the only distinctive tape I found was the red-boxed finale, not the opener, I turned my attention to the girl on my bed. She was the artist's sister or girlfriend, so I prudently waited for him to leave before shyly striking up a conversation with her. As we talked, our skin kept "accidentally" coming into contact--a brushed hand, a bumped leg. At last, despite firm convictions that I didn't need a new romantic relationship, I snuggled up next to her on the bed, my cheek** against hers.

* The graffiti artist from earlier in the dream, not The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

** "The left upper," to quote a sketch from "Not Only... But Also...."

I fell asleep on the couch.

I am driving at night in my little oyota down an anonymous road. It's hard to see, even with the headlights on - I must not have my contacts in.

I'm driving through a scientific research facility's warehouse. It's huge. Park my car in one of the side halways off the warehouse area, and walked in to the resarch area proper. There is no one there, it being a Sunday, and, at the front entrance - an impressive minimalist design almost completely made of windows that let the Sunday morning sun in, the escalators aren't on. While walking down the escalators I realize this is a dream. I'm lucid.

There's no more glorious sensation than that I feel flying in dreams, so, kicking up my heels, I float down the hardwood stairs. I ache to get outside, but the dream starts falling apart around me; maybe, I think, if I can just get out among the trees, I can keep asleep. I turned upside-down unwillingly. Two feet from the door
I wake up.

I was on my back on the couch.
Spinning. Spinning, damn it. I forgot that that's what they say helps keep a lucid dream from falling apart.
Hopefully there'll be a next time.

I attempted to translate your one-hand off error. Of course I made mistakes, but you might find it interesting.

drream..lauren in that 80's show? mne watching from some part with ih fake loking host, at 1:00 watching show decide it's live and to go find Lauren, she had been buting/winning me somegame. nook, I went outside and her and mom(some lady) walking up in the dark,woohoo,and hse had the booik'game, gives it to me, tells me shewon it easily, I want to hug her badly and would but hermom there staring at us
then suddenlyy eating lunch wit Ron and hes giving me a sortof gift, a celendar'compilatin album of two crossdessing singers asking me which one he should"choose"(??)

What can I say... I was bored!

Written down with my trusty old C64 =) Some corrections made later on. E2ified much later. See Wolf's Dreamworld.

I saw an interesting dream this morning - I ate breakfast, made some coffee, but I fell asleep again.

I was in the army in this dream, in booster training or something - I knew this because I was an infantryman and I heard someone else there being called recruits. I had urge to shout things a the recruits, but I decided not to. =)

Anyway, it was early dawn, and we were supposed to go to the shooting range.

I went to the bicycle shed to get my bicycle from there - and I noticed that one of my squadmates was outside of the shed, playing guitar, and a bunch of female recruits were singing. I didn't mind them, just kept looking for my bike - and couldn't find it.

I even asked about this from the guitar-playing fellow, but he didn't know anything abou the bike but said I could take a train to get to the shooting range.

Can't remember what happened next - but I was in the train. And somehow, I just needed to get it stopped. I remember there was a black squadmate of mine outside the train running next to my car, trying to get in.

Somehow, we got the car we were in to another track. Or perharps it was a road. Yes, it was a road that lead to a town whose name I forgot (and truth to tell, I didn't even know it in the dream and I was just dying to find out). The train car turned intoa bus or tram car of sorts - it went onwartd until it came to the center of the town, it beeped like the bus and stopped on the bus stop... I stepped out.

And I just needed some coffee, so the other few soldiers who were with me in the car went to cafe. I remember the captain came out of the cafe, giving me a cup of coffee, then said the name of the town - "It's one of these small Swedish-speaking southern villages". I drunk my coffee...

...and woke up and noticed the klah in mu cup was already pretty cold. *grin*

In retrospect

Odd equipment - all I remember was that I had nothing with me in the dream that we usually took to the shooting range - not even my gun!

There were no female recruits in my RL army unit - indeed, the only femalre recruits we had in Kajaani came later from other garrisons. There were no black recruits either (There however was a black fellow in the engineering corps at the same time).

I think the black recruit running outside my train car came from the movie I saw in that night from TV - the other movie in which Keanu Reeves gets odd phonecalls and does acrobatics on the elevator roof ("Speed" =)

The Captain was cpt. Kuortti from the army comedy movie series "Vääpeli Körmy".

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