I was taking care of this toddler, and her mother was being forced to give her to these bad people... I knew they were bad because they had a pickup full of other toddlers they'd taken away, and because the mother was being forced to give them her child... so I took the toddler and tried to escape... at some point while I was carrying it, it became a premie baby, but I didn't notice this oddity until I woke up. I think it was just easier to carry it that way. I was running and leaping and running, and then I hid the baby by the roots of this tree, and ran ahead to make sure it was safe, then I came back and got it and kept running, and soon I was in a desert, and running along this cliff made of sand (not sandstone, but sand), and then the people were about to catch me, so I jumped off, and landed in these sand dunes. The baby was killed in the fall, but I left it, because now the bad people couldn't get it, and it would get a proper burial. I had to keep running, though, and soon I was running through this tunnel, maybe a person and a half high and two and a half heights wide, perfectly rectangular, but made of sand. I ran and ran, and somehow I knew I was running underneath an ocean, and then I came out into this airport-terminal type place, and I couldn't figure out what country I was in. I passed a bunch of closed hotdog stands. The writing was a combination of Greek and Russian. When people spoke to each other, it sounded like Greek, but when they spoke English to me, they had bad fake Russian accents. Then I was invited to this fancy dinner, with some sheikh or something, who was dressed like the Pope. And then I was staying with a family that was from this country, right on the coast, and we were looking out from the porch onto the ocean, and there was this pipe coming out of the ocean that had something to do with the house's energy use. We were arguing about why it was getting so hot, and then something came on the news about the baby, and they realized that I was the escapee, and then... I woke up. Terrified. I think I need new meds.

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