I had quite a disturbing dream last week. It was spring break and we had been drinking quite a bit, so I don't know if this contributed to the dream or not, but a part of me hopes so.

It start out with me running around a building killing students and children. After I kill everyone, I try to escape, but I can't find an exit, so I go downstairs where most of the bodies of the teachers were. I see one of my good friends for 4 years of college come in with a gun as a police officer. He sees what I have done and puts the gun to his head as to kill himself. I tell him "no, me first." He throws me the gun, and I ask him if he thinks we are going to hell. The last thing I remember thinking is if it was going to hurt or not, then I shoot myself in the head. After that I remember floating.

Consequently, I freaked out and told many people about it. I finally checked online and saw that it may have something to do with an end of a period of my life. I had just graduated college and entered an apartment by myself for the first time and I am going to grad school now. This made me feel better, but all of the violence was quite disturbing.

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