This is actually a dream that I had on March 10, 1999. I was digging around my computer and found this excrutiatingly long write-up. Its funny that I was able to remember so much of it.
I am for some reason sort of homeless and wandering in a large city. I come across a structure at the corner of a busy intersection. The structure has red brick walls about six feet tall and no roof. One side of the structure (facing one of the streets) has a wide doorway cut into it. Inside are two people, a man and a woman, (presumably together) watching a movie on a small TV. They invite me in as a friend to watch.

The man and woman are suddenly not there and I am watching the movie alone (it is presumably the same movie, but not the same showing of the movie). The movie was rented from a video store (or borrowed from somewhere similar). The woman returns, agitated. Apparently the man and woman are in some sort of trouble, and I have become involved somehow. The movie I was watching turned out to be a fake -- some propaganda created by the people who are antagonizing the man and woman.

We flee, individually. I find myself across the street from the structure overlooking a large complex. The complex is below me like I am standing on top of a hill overlooking it. The front of the complex is a large blacktop parking lot, which is empty at the moment. Behind the parking lot is a large, building. It is not very tall, no more than two stories at most.

I find myself in the building and afraid of being caught. I end up in a room resembling a hotel room with two queen sized beds. The room has two doors. The bad people have found me. They (a man and a woman, different from the original couple, but not altogether that much different in appearance) enter the room from one of the doors. The man is large (250lbs) and tall (over 6'). The woman is unremarkable. They have some type of contraption with them, but the obvious assumption is that I will soon be shot with a gun that the man controls.

Somehow, I manage to escape the room using the other door. I am franticly trying to find a place to hide. The couple is no doubt hot on my tail. After running down a long hallway, I end up in a small room filled with random, junky office furniture. The room is otherwise empty. It is apparently some type of storage facility. I pick a suitable desk and crawl (cower) underneath it. I am aware that if the man were to enter the room, I would most certainly be found and killed (this, however, does not prevent me from finding a more suitable hiding place or from continuing to run).

A man (or a number of mem) enter the room and begin to remove the furniture. They are preparing the room for some type of gathering. The room now, once the furniture is removed (and the room magically enlargens), has become a library or bookstore-like place with the walls covered in bookshelves. The men leave a single, round table toward one side of the room where I was hiding. Other men enter and occupy the table.

Having a desire to fit in (to prevent the bad men from recognizing me, or to allow me to cower behind one of the other men at the table -- I am facing the door of the room, up against a wall). The man to my right is rather large. He is balding and has sparse white beard that matches his hair. We begin talking about miscellaneous things. I am noticeably agitated, trying to keep the conversation going to save my life. He has a daughter, presumably older than I (25-30ish). I discover that the man is an author and has written a new book that is prominantly displayed on one of the bookshelves facing me. The book is entited Investing on the Web. The lettering on the cover is large and rather gaudy. I say "So, 'Investing on the Web', eh?"

"'Inveting', huh?" he replies presuming that I misspoke the first word of the title, even though I do not recall doing so. In fact, now that he mentions it, maybe I did slur my speech a little (I am quite nervous, you see).

"INVESTING on the web," I reply, correcting my mistake. He replies and we continue with the idle chit-chat. At about this time, I notice a line of people standing outside the door of the room. The door to the room is at the far left corner of the room (from my perspective) and leads into an adjoining room. The adjoining room has a door leading into a hallway adjoining the door that leads in this room. The people lined up are trying to get into the hallway. Their passage is blocked by a person (a bouncer, security guard sort of person) and maybe a woman too. The woman signals in a strange and obtuse fashion to me using large arm movements. I mimick her actions in response. After doing so, I notice that her motions were to warn me that one of the people I was trying to avoid was in the line to get into the hallway. Why she understood that I was avoiding this person, I do not know. The person was allowed into the hallway and did not notice me.

After this, a large number of people start entering the room through another door that I hadnt noticed before. Again, the door is to my left, but slightly behind me (instead of far in front of me like the previous door). The people appear to be relatives or close acquaintences of the author that I was just talking to. A large number of the people are beautiful women and young girls (varying in age between 10 and 16). One of the first women to enter the room was "the only woman that fell in my age bracket and would be considered appropriate for me to become involved with." As I realized this, she stretched out her left hand directly at me (although it was not intentional that her hand was pointed directly at me, that just happened because of the way that she was oriented) and showed off her huge wedding ring. The ring had a strange, very large stone in it. The stone was a dark color (perhaps purple) and was the size of a small marble.

I got over the implied rejection quickly as the remainder of the people filed into the room. I started to become nervous and overcome by the quantity of people that were now present. All of the people were quite friendly and appeared to know each other. I backed away and headed toward the bar that was now in a corner of the room.

As I approached the bar, I was feeling bold, so as I walked, I reached out for the head of one of the young girls. I rubbed her head affectionately. She was not overly amused and removed her head from my hand and shot me a "Ooo... I'll get you for that look." Note that she was not angry in the slightest, she just didnt appreciate having her hair ruffled. I was not offended and left her with a smile. An interesting point to note is that I aparently rubbed her head while wearing gloves (my black, fleece gloves, to be exact). Afterwards, I do not recall continuing to wear the gloves.

I distinctly remebered just recently drank a root beer that I had obtained from this same bar, but I could not remeber when I had done this. Regardless, I had a craving for sugar (I was thinking "got to have sugar, sugar, sugar"). There was a serving tray containing candy that I attacked. The tray was one of those large, green, Lego "playing fields." Stuck onto the tray (in Lego fashion, of course), were small Lego pieces that were actually candy. I grabbed a number of small white, gray, and black pieces of "candy" and began to munch on them.

I turned around to continue gazing at the women (girls) and acting social as best as I could. The fear of being captured and killed was no longer on my mind. It appears that the threat of that was no longer imminent.

As I wandered back to my original position in the room (only the table was gone now) a girl stopped me and grabbed my hand. I had seen her earlier as people were filing into the room. When I first saw her she gave me the impression that she did not like me and that I should not bother her. She was perhaps 11 or 12, short, wearing a sleeveless dress (I cannot recall the color now). Her hair was a brownish-blonde and tied back behind her head in some fashion. Her face was perfect, very light in color, perfect features, beautiful eyes. Still holding my hand in a handshake-like gesture, she looked into me and said something meaningless like "Hi. How are you?" or some equally inane greeting.

I was overcome by her gesture. It appeared that the she actually liked me, perhaps she had a crush on me. Her manner was a little "silly" (she was a little girl after all), but her message was sincere. I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling inside me that a girl such as her would show me a little affection.

Then, I wake up... it is 7:58am, Wednesday morning... Shit!

I was dreaming last night of a garden...
and I showed her a picture of you.
I said “proud get to know her, you’d like her”
Seemed like the least I can do.

So then Mick Jagger is up on stage and I’m standing next to Keith Richards. We walk out onto the street at set break together and down to the 5 and dime.

We order a pair of Becks and I try to buy but he waves me off. So we walk back down to the club talking of strange bits of coincidence we have turned and some other stuff.

He then pulls me over into the corner and offers to turn me onto something sweet. He says “Hey you should try a hit of this shit” and I say “Hell I agree.” (Knowing he´s talking about smoking black tar heroin.)

Then I wake up momentarily and begin a new dream in which I run into Heidi in front of Earwax café.

I’ve been having all sorts of strange dreams lately and I’ve noticed that I am more aware than usual of the fact I’m dreaming while in the dream. For example I was having a dream I was fighting with my father and in the middle of this I said to myself, “this is a dream I don’t want to have.” And I woke up.

I fell right back asleep, I just came up and out of REM sleep long enough to disrupt the track of the dream. I wonder if this new power has anything to do with the “look at your hands” – Carlos Castaneda exercises I was doing last year? Or maybe it just has to do with the springtime wind. Beats me, but boy its fun.

Last night was the first dream I dreamt of a long time of my ex-fiancé and his current fling. Here it goes I'm not sure if it is meaning anything or not. Note it'll be a year that we split on the 24th of this month, he immediately had a girl move in less than a week after I left (that night I left she was there), and I haven't talked to him since Election Day this past November. (Thank God!)

I was at dinner with my family - mother, father, brother and grandmother. We finished dinner and I took the eco-line van (we don't own one) and said that I would meet them at home.

But I didn't go straight home, I stopped at a house in my dream that in my dream I recognized as being where I used to live with my ex-fiancé. They (the new girl and him) were packing and preparing to move. I went in and talked, wasn't harsh talk fairly modest and casual. They were wrecking the apartment when I got in there and I couldn't understand why and they just said because they wanted to wreck it. I was standing in the doorway talking and across from the door was a closet (accordion doors that opened, fairly large) and she was gashing holes and streaks into the doors. I walked up a small set of stairs to see that they had done the same to the upstairs rooms.

There was a few words said and I said I need to leave because I'm supposed to meet my family at my house because we just had dinner and that I just had gone over to see how they were doing.

I went in the driveway behind the house and the van was gone! I didn't understand I quickly ran back in panicked and explained the situation to Garrett and Destiny. We went back outside and I explained where I had parked the van to them we all stood puzzled and then my mom (it was night) ran around the corner of the house.

I yelled, "mom, what are you doing here?! Where's the van?" She said they found it and took it down the road to some place where they stopped they didn't understand why the van was parked. But then some cops came and my parents and brother must have been inside and they pulled a gun on my grandmother.

I said well is she ok?! She couldn't give any details but that she thinks she's badly hurt that's the only details she had.

I took off running back down the road with my mom to where we saw the van and cop cars in the same parking lot...

That was the end because my alarm went off...but I am personally puzzled - anyone have any interpretative suggestions to offer?

I'm not sure maybe having stayed up till 2:30AM watching the war on TV messed with my mind - but also we had several animals die on our business partners farm - which was very tragic to the alpaca industry community.

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