I was dreaming last night of a garden...
and I showed her a picture of you.
I said “proud get to know her, you’d like her”
Seemed like the least I can do.

So then Mick Jagger is up on stage and I’m standing next to Keith Richards. We walk out onto the street at set break together and down to the 5 and dime.

We order a pair of Becks and I try to buy but he waves me off. So we walk back down to the club talking of strange bits of coincidence we have turned and some other stuff.

He then pulls me over into the corner and offers to turn me onto something sweet. He says “Hey you should try a hit of this shit” and I say “Hell I agree.” (Knowing he´s talking about smoking black tar heroin.)

Then I wake up momentarily and begin a new dream in which I run into Heidi in front of Earwax café.

I’ve been having all sorts of strange dreams lately and I’ve noticed that I am more aware than usual of the fact I’m dreaming while in the dream. For example I was having a dream I was fighting with my father and in the middle of this I said to myself, “this is a dream I don’t want to have.” And I woke up.

I fell right back asleep, I just came up and out of REM sleep long enough to disrupt the track of the dream. I wonder if this new power has anything to do with the “look at your hands” – Carlos Castaneda exercises I was doing last year? Or maybe it just has to do with the springtime wind. Beats me, but boy its fun.