Last night was the first dream I dreamt of a long time of my ex-fiancé and his current fling. Here it goes I'm not sure if it is meaning anything or not. Note it'll be a year that we split on the 24th of this month, he immediately had a girl move in less than a week after I left (that night I left she was there), and I haven't talked to him since Election Day this past November. (Thank God!)

I was at dinner with my family - mother, father, brother and grandmother. We finished dinner and I took the eco-line van (we don't own one) and said that I would meet them at home.

But I didn't go straight home, I stopped at a house in my dream that in my dream I recognized as being where I used to live with my ex-fiancé. They (the new girl and him) were packing and preparing to move. I went in and talked, wasn't harsh talk fairly modest and casual. They were wrecking the apartment when I got in there and I couldn't understand why and they just said because they wanted to wreck it. I was standing in the doorway talking and across from the door was a closet (accordion doors that opened, fairly large) and she was gashing holes and streaks into the doors. I walked up a small set of stairs to see that they had done the same to the upstairs rooms.

There was a few words said and I said I need to leave because I'm supposed to meet my family at my house because we just had dinner and that I just had gone over to see how they were doing.

I went in the driveway behind the house and the van was gone! I didn't understand I quickly ran back in panicked and explained the situation to Garrett and Destiny. We went back outside and I explained where I had parked the van to them we all stood puzzled and then my mom (it was night) ran around the corner of the house.

I yelled, "mom, what are you doing here?! Where's the van?" She said they found it and took it down the road to some place where they stopped they didn't understand why the van was parked. But then some cops came and my parents and brother must have been inside and they pulled a gun on my grandmother.

I said well is she ok?! She couldn't give any details but that she thinks she's badly hurt that's the only details she had.

I took off running back down the road with my mom to where we saw the van and cop cars in the same parking lot...

That was the end because my alarm went off...but I am personally puzzled - anyone have any interpretative suggestions to offer?

I'm not sure maybe having stayed up till 2:30AM watching the war on TV messed with my mind - but also we had several animals die on our business partners farm - which was very tragic to the alpaca industry community.