I downloaded footage of the Crunch Pod video game (which exists in Pepper Ann's reality, not mine) from and attempted to analyze the game play, which looks like an odd cross of Asteroids, Spin Jam, and Pac-Man. I sent feedback to asking how to play Crunch Pod. I fell asleep and was whisked off to


I opened Outhouse and saw an email message from that Crunch Pod had been included on a "Disney Collection" CD-ROM (or something or other). Turned out that the game came as an SNES ROM. (A PC port was also available.) I shelled out my cash and bought it. The recollection is somewhat fuzzy here, but I remember walking from one room into the next and finally entering a hallway. I turned left, and I saw Pepper Ann Pearson sleeping. When she woke up later in the dream, she was no help. She thought I was Milo Kamalani (the irony is mounting at, and she wouldn't believe me that I had forgotten how to play Crunch Pod (which just happens to be everybody's favorite game in that reality). Unfortunately, before taking the CD back to my own computer to plug the game into SNES9x and try it out, I was sucked into


where I checked my email in Outhouse again, to see if that email was real. No dice. As soon as I figure out what's happening in that clip, I will clone that fscker and post the source code on

Have been unable to remember my dreams, even immediately after waking, for the past week or more. This morning, in a sort of middle state between waking and sleep, made an effort to remember the dreams of the night, and saw an output similar to what grep produces when you search multiple files (real output was much longer; this is just a sample):

dream1: aldkjfla ...
dream1: qiourpqoet...
dream1: wkj;qew ekjlw;erj
dream2: qoiujvmabio...
dream2: w34oikb ...

Of course the gobbledygook above had actual content, which (again of course) I was immediately unable to remember.

I took it as a sign that I'm working much too much.

I'm enlisted into the Nazi camp even though I am not white with blonde hair and blue eyes. (In reality I am brown with dark black eyes and black hair.) We are standing in a row staring at the podium. In German (no I don't speak German but I understood anyway) I asked this person next to me,

"What's going on?"
"Hitler's coming out to give us a speech, now be quiet, we could be killed!"

I took his advice and quieted down. Clapping is heard like a wave of thunder and out came Hitler. He did his little salute and gave us a speech on how the Jews were all going to die for being worthless and something about how they will kill us all with their religion. It was kind of a long speech and I was getting restless.

All of a sudden I'm at war with the U.S. and shooting at anything and anyone who was not German. I was snuck up on by three U.S. soldiers and am held at gunpoint. I was scared and babbling in German to them but they didn't understand. I heard one of them asking me questions in English but I didn't understand. Then another one says, "Shoot him." I hung my head and the gun went off.

I woke up screaming and in a deep sweat.

I was... downloading porn from a friend. It was odd, though, I was downloading an animation with sound, though it was in GIF format. Well, I saved that to disk, and then I copied it to a floppy. My parents came into my room and I covered the window on the screen with the porn with another window. Then they left and I took the disk and went out driving.

I took the '95 Subaru Legacy wagon. I had the porn in the seat next to me, and for some reason, though I had put it on a floppy disk, I had it in a dvd case with a picture on the front as if it were a porn rental. I was driving past the CVS in West Newton, and there was a sort of toll you had to pass, but there was a policewoman at the toll and she was filling up cars with gas. I showed her my driver's license while quickly fumbling with the dvd to shove it under the seat, and she gave me a full tank, while making some joking small talk. I quickly drove off as she handed back my license.

I kept driving down Washington Street, and when I came to the turn where you can get onto the Mass. Pike, the road was different than I expected. It merged into the highway going right, but then the highway ended. It was blocked off, and was all undergoing construction. But there were little arrows that seemed to be pointing to acceptible lanes, though there were no acceptible lanes. I was not in my car anymore, and I started following the arrows. But then someone who must have been working on the highway came in my direction and I quickly turned around and walked back up the ramp where there was no construction. I was wearing my trenchcoat.

I drove down the highway, but it was a different highway now, in a different direction. It was much sunnier out but cold. Finally I got to the apartment complex where my friend was supposed to live. I had plans to meet her... she lived in the last house on the right. But I didn't know what number it was. I pulled the car off into the complex, which was surrounded with high chain-link fence, and drove past the imposing warehouse-like buildings. I got to the end and took a right, but I didn't see any parking. I turned around and got back onto the highway, going in the other direction. There was a small parking lot off the side of the road. Broken glass was scattered over the spaces in the lot among small piles of sand. A man with a red, rusted, broken-down truck was parked nearby.

Then my play was going up again. I had already performed Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but we were doing something Monday. It wasn't exactly the play, but it was more of an improv-- a sort of a parody on our play and its production. I was ushered onstage by my director who shoved a retainer into my mouth, which made me gag... but then he shoved more retainers in and they fit all the same. My director took a sort of pen and drew all over my lips, and I found myself center stage with a friend of mine who acts. We were in black plastic chairs. He made a joke to the audience... nobody laughed until I replied to his joke. But one man in the audience got up and said to us that the joke was racist and distasteful. I felt as if I was choking on the retainers in my mouth.

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