Beginning in a prison. The prison is set out in long, narrow corridors. On each side of the corridor are two-level bunk beds, spaced with blue metal lockers.

Two guards walk slowly towards me along the corridor. They are dressed in futuristic blue jumpsuits. One, a man, beats prisoners, tears open their lockers and smashes their belongings. The other, a woman, watches this with her hands on her hips. When she reaches me, she sees a box of chocolates I have tried to conceal. I look at the male guard, and hope she won't tell him. She examines them, and informs me that, since they aren't prison issue, she can't confiscate them. I smile gratefully, and hide them behind my locker.

Suddenly, a group of around ten prisoners is outside the jail. They are mainly composed of my friends, with some differences - for example, my girlfriend is now black, and a male friend is now two feet taller. Everyone has single operator names - this, along with the ethnic mix of the group, makes me think of the Matrix.

We are on a small street I know from my village. A light shines from a house across the road and we all crouch. The house is the one I was locked up for burglarising. A man in the window stares at our group. We ignore him.

Walking on, we come to my house. Fear of being caught breaking in gives way to homesickness. I feel knots of emotion as we walk in and realise it has been redecorated. I no longer recognise the interior or know the way around.

The tall friend goes to the fridge and begins eating. I feel choked with sadness, but only begin crying when I enter the dining room and see that my mother has set three places for dinner. The cutlery on my place setting is small and silver, and contrasts with the large stainless steel pieces by my parents' plates.

I woke up with tears on my pillow.

I was being led through a big warehouse / factory complex. My guide took me to a particularly large and long room. At the far end of it was a set of DJ’s decks, and next to it was a tiny log cabin.

“This is our engine testing room,” said my guide.

I nodded.

"We start the plane's engines" he said, pointing to the log cabin, "then we start the tractor's engine, to counterbalance it." He pointed at the decks.

I nodded.

"Of course, this is where our most famous employee worked!" said the guide.

I did not understand.

"You know, John Lennon!" My guide seemed surprised that I had not known that. He summoned an image of John to illustrate his point.

The picture was of Jesus, wearing a green three-pointed jester’s hat.

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