Anastasia has not appeared in a dream for a very long time. If she has, it has always just been a vision of her face. It has been a long time since she spoke to me as anything other than a voice without a body. This changed last night.

We were walking in a park, some kind of zoo or amusement park. I was holding Anastasia's hand, as she always appears as a young girl. She was holding three bunches of balloons. Each bunch consisted of six or eight balloons, all of the same color. There were several other people walking alongside us. They were all people that I have known who have died since I've met them.

Anastasia is holding the three bunches of balloons all in her right hand. She is holding my right hand with her left hand. As she looks up to the sky to point something out to me, one of the balloon bunches gets away from her. I try to jump and grab them before they float away, but I am not fast enough. They rise up into the sky.

"I'm sorry," I tell Anastasia.


Asking me why I am sorry, she seems genuinely confused and amused. A moment later, the bunch of balloons drops down and begins blowing around on the ground in a courtyard to our right. Anastasia walks towards them, calmly takes them back under her control, and returns to me.

"Unsawettable," she says with a concerned smile, looking up into my face. She is trying to explain something, but I'm not getting it.

I wake up. The alarm clock is going off.

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