"Dorf" is the main character in a series of quasi-slapstick sketch comedy videos that came out in the 1980s and 1990s. Carol Burnett Show alumnus Tim Conway plays Dorf, a true "man's man" -- despite being about four feet tall. Achieving this by low-budget special effects -- that is to say, kneeling on the ground, with shoes attached to his knees -- Conway's "Dorf" illustrates the "finer aspects" of the perennial predominately-male favourites, such as golf, fishing, and racing.

Though some of the monologue is funny, the bulk of the humour in these bits is, of course, is derived from watching the newly short-statured Conway attempt to swing a golf club or cast a reel. Funny to an extent, the "Dorf" films are best given as joke gifts to an enthusiast of the particular hobby or sport parodied in the video. Ones supposes that they might by funny to a Tim Conway fan too, but one also might assume that such a fan may already own all of these.

The complete list of Dorf videos is as follows:

"Dorf" subset of Tim Conway's movie appearances was pulled from http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0176792/

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