So you're in love. Now what?

The world (excluding, perhaps, your family and close friends) doesn't care. I know it's hard to resist gazing into your lover's eyes, but have some consideration of those around you.

In public quick kisses are acceptable. Deep french kisses and full blown tonsil hockey are not.

In public holding hands is acceptable, running your hands over each other's body is not.

In public swapping private notes, making your mushy poetry public and pushing it in people's faces is not.

In public "dear" or "love" are acceptable. "My snooky-wookie-kins" and "Mr Stallion-Boy" are not.

In public a response of "Good thanks" is an acceptable response to "How are you two". Detailed discussions of your sex life are not.

In fact, the only thing I want to know about your relationship, is "Does she have a single sister?"

I disagree with part of your writeup, but only part of it.

Although the passionate kisses may seem out of place at the time, it is always a welcome sight for me. There is nothing wrong or dirty about loving your partner. And what are you calling "public"? In highschool probably everyone here made out with someone in a movie theater. IT HAPPENS, it's no big deal. Now if you're talking about doing it on a bus stop bench waiting for a bus with lots of people standing around, then yes, I agree, it is in very poor taste.

Another thing is, who here has never fantasized about having sex in a public place? If you say you have not, I pitty you for lying to yourself. My point is, it's human nature to want to try to get away with something like that. Again, unless it's in a blatently open area with many people and young children.

Even in your state, where the person is TRYING to make you jealous or showing off, I understand that as well. If you have a partner you are truly proud of, you generally want the world around you to know how y'all feel about each other. This also is ok. It's human nature for people to want to brag. It's even moreso natural for geeks to want the world to see their beautiful girlfriend, or handsome man.

This in mind I do feel the same as you on this subject at this moment, because I'm single, but my prospective will change again when I am not no doubt.

Other than these few points, I agree completely with your statements.

Ever feel like people miss the point of your node altogether?

OK, so you are in the cinema. The film's not worth watching. The movie house is full. What the hell, you are sitting next to your beloved who is looking mighty tasty. Your bloodstream is awash with hormones. So, you snog. You kiss. You chew on each other a little. You get your legs into an octopus tangle and let your hands wander and walk and squeeze all the squeezy bits. You murmur and giggle and make little squeaky sounds. You gasp and growl, and you snog some more.

Don't do this when you are sitting right next to me.

Do this somewhere else. At least go and sit in another row. You are ruining my day. I don't care if you are madly in love and lust and live at home in a bedsit full of parents and siblings. I don't want you snogging three inches away from my nose. Go away. I don't care if you are Romeo and Juliet, and this is the last snog before the funeral.

Go and find a dark corner where you won't bother other people. Make sure that there's a few feet of clear space between your entwined bodies and the rest of the public, ok?

There are oceans of difference between kissing in public and kissing so damn close to me I can smell your toothpaste.

(Yes, I have a relationship worth flaunting. Yes, I like kissing. Oh, kissing is delicious. Yes I am getting some, thank you.)

Holding hands and looking blissed out after a whole sleepless night of delight is one thing, but I had to stand on the tube as a pair of euro-tourists writhed and wriggled and smooched so damn close to me they were practically sitting in my lap. This is against the rules. I hadn't even had any coffee yet.

And I'd react in the same way if you were chewing gum with your mouth open.

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