So you're in love. Now what?

The world (excluding, perhaps, your family and close friends) doesn't care. I know it's hard to resist gazing into your lover's eyes, but have some consideration of those around you.

In public quick kisses are acceptable. Deep french kisses and full blown tonsil hockey are not.

In public holding hands is acceptable, running your hands over each other's body is not.

In public swapping private notes, making your mushy poetry public and pushing it in people's faces is not.

In public "dear" or "love" are acceptable. "My snooky-wookie-kins" and "Mr Stallion-Boy" are not.

In public a response of "Good thanks" is an acceptable response to "How are you two". Detailed discussions of your sex life are not.

In fact, the only thing I want to know about your relationship, is "Does she have a single sister?"