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I just wanted to get something off my chest. I've been doing a little nodekeeping lately and I've noticed a pretty high incidence of sexual innuendo amongst some of my writeups; particularly with respect to lesbians

I just wanted to reassure everyone that I'm not as big a lunkhead as you might think I am. You see, when I refer to lesbians, I'm not talking about the average hardcore biker porno lesbo from some kind of frat-boy fantasy. Rather, when I choose to use that word, what I'm referring to is more of an idealized Jungian Lesbian Archetype.

This ideal is largely based on the primary social interaction that I had with the opposite sex during my formative years; namely, comic books and fantasy novels. As a result, this has associated the idea lesbianism with images of spritely buxom wood nymphs in tight clothing that is almost completely asexual. The imagery is not more frolicsome than sexual; don't picture intercourse, think of pillow fights and skinnydipping instead.

Well, that's it. I feel much better and I hope that you do to. If you want to crucify me, you can send all of your hatemail to moJoe (I think he's more accustomed to that kind of thing than I am).

¹ NOTE: I will not even begin to broach the subject of my monkey fixation (PS I blame knifegirl).

It's always kind of disheartening, when here you are, having spent years and years rethinking shit, mercilessly dissecting the biases that you'd rather write off as "that's just how I am", other guys looking at you like you're crazy, struggling to reconcile your ideals with the reality of how your brain is hardwired... and you meet a woman who starts sentences with "I'm not a feminist or anything..."

You can't just jump in and say "Oh, you mean you'd rather be pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen? You mean you'd rather defer to men in every decision? Oh yeah? Well, as a man, I ORDER YOU to sprout a pair of cojones right now and start BEING a feminist dammit."... because telling women what to think about feminism is patriarchal behavior, even if what you want them to think is pro-feminist.". Catch 22.

Nevertheless, labels come and go, but results accumulate. The fact is, regardless of just about any woman's political alignment today, she'd be considered a radical feminist/suffragist/abolitionist/heretic/witch in an earlier time. So perhaps progress is continuing, and merely the word is temporarily out of favor thanks to the efforts of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

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