Don't cotton to fixed realities
Don't flinch when you're sure that the wind
said your name, from behind you,
when the stars are out like fireweed,
and the dust's creepin' in through your sneakers.
Don't act surprised when you see somethin'
in the daylight that woke you up out of sleep
the night before.
Twist things in your favor, or
work out the knots and come up short.
Add new words like cajun spice, and draw lines over
with a felt tip pen,
connecting one thing to another,
to another, to another

Don't cotton to fixed realities,
it's all an issue of relative, to you
to me
to you,
to you,
And I don't know about you
but I like to keep things movin'
changin' the distances between things
alterin' the orbit at elipses
Lookin' long and hard into the shadows -
so many colors in a shadow
So many rotations in a year
and the shadows fall different on each and
every one.

Draw your shadows with blue chalk,
track 'em around, and mark up
clean dirt
with the dust,
It's fallin' from your sneakers.

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