Dialogic makes voice processing cards. Dialogic is the market leader, and their APIs are a de facto standard for writing voice processing software. Most voice processing software, like voice mail systems, uses interface cards made by Dialogic to connect phone lines to computers.

Dialogic was purchased by Intel in 1999. Dialogic has been a customer of Intel's for quite a while, since their voice processing cards use Intel 486 processors.

Some Dialogic cards connect to an SCBus, and many other manufacturers' cards do as well. In this way, cards connect voice to each other. Control of the cards is done with software on the host PC. Conceivably, cards inhabiting multiple PCs could be connected on the same SCBus.

Dialogic resource cards provide voice resources (for playing & recording sound, interpreting & generating signalling tones, cancelling echo on conference calls), FAX resources, voice recognition, and IP telephony CODECs. Interface cards connect to ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, T1/E1, POTS, and some proprietary PBX interfaces. Some Dialogic cards have resources and interfaces together.

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