Necros, aka Andy Sega, is one of the most brilliant composers of mods who has ever graced the music scene.

Creations of his include works such as "Orchard Street", and "Energia". Some of his songs have found their ways into games such Unreal and Crusader.

He has also done remixes of titles such as The Girl With the Sun in Her Head by Orbital and Skyscraper, I Love You by Underworld. Invariably, the reworkings are intriguing and sometimes superior to the original.

addition to k8to's node :

after a 1 year of inactivity and his last module musidisk system, surprising everybody, necros restarted releasing music to the public, using the handle alphaconspiracy, through his website and

He's making his latest tunes with the 2nd generation tracker Buzz tracker, and releases them as mp3s.

I first came across Necros' works in the mid '90s. I think the first I heard was 'Processor Rock'; an okay ditty, but nothing to write home about. Later on I found that song which is symphony "Orbital Delusions" and "Orbital Delusions 2". So very cool. T'was one of the first mods I copied to audio tape to listen to while at school. And then one day I had the amazingly orgasmic experience of playing it over the sound system in the school's auditorium. I almost had a pleasure coronary and the schools' music teacher begged me to tell her where she could buy the song.

Legendary 80s hardcore punk band from Maumee, Ohio. The lineup featured Barry Henssler (vocals), with, at various times, Todd Swalla (drums), Andy (guitar), Brian Pollack (guitar), and at least four different bass players -- including Corey Rusk, who went on to start the "Touch and Go" record label. The band released a number of records that continue to sell for high sums among modern collectors. They are also one of the few Midwest outfits of their type who did not split up within a few years of their formation. Unfortunately, when trends changed in the mid-to-late 80s, the Necros dropped their style and went metal.

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