"The Girl with the Sun in her Head" is the first track on Orbital's 1996 album, In Sides. The track runs about 10:26.

The song itself is dedicated to the Hartnolls' photographer, Sally Harding. Anyone who can expand on this can go ahead and do so.

"The Girl with the Sun in her Head" is probably the first serious, full-fledged electronica song I was ever exposed to. I first read about it from a poster at a message board I frequented (it was a very tight-knit group at the time, but I digress). I downloaded it, and almost immediately fell in love with it. It was the first real musicgasm I'd ever experienced. To this point, very few songs can induce such indescribable feelings of awesomeness and appreciation. This is one such song.

The song opens with a slow, repeating "Whumph" sound. This happens for a while, and then a different "whump" overlaps it, slightly off time. After a while, the melody begins to develop with something that sounds like a reversed synthesizer. It begins to build, come down a bit, and then proceeds to full-fledged musical glee beyond which my mind has become so engrossed that I cannot let the song be desicrated by adjectives.

Probably because of this song, I became exposed to more electronica (through the same person who posted a review of the song). I now listen to about 70% electronica music (a conservative estimate for us liberals), and highly recommend this song by Orbital, or perhaps Halcyon + On + On, for anyone wishing to experience some sort of musical Shangri-la.

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