Basehead is the alias of Michael Ivey. Basehead creates intriguing records that use folky guitar, catchy hooks and slacker-hop beats to create an ambitious sound that really doesn't sound it. His lyrics are off-the-cuff rhymes on things (often quite literally) found around his room. His debut album, Play With Toys, received glowing reviews, and even managed to become #65 on Spin's 90 Greatest Albums of the 90's list. Ironically enough, it received more favor in the college-rock crowd than in the hip-hop crowd, as Ivey himself put it. He put together a touring band and recorded Not In Kansas Anymore. The reviews were slightly more mixed. His most recent album is Faith.

Dan Grandpre. An excellent tracker (mod composer) from the North American music scene who has composed such works as "blue pearl" and "in my mind, clouds break" and been in such groups as Five Musicians, Mental Design.

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