(Special thanks to Morgon77 for his correction about Death being fired (not on holiday) and Habakkuk for the reminder about the Death of Hamsters.)

Death of Rats is perhaps the most enigmatic character of the Discworld series. He first appears in the book Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett. Death is fired from his job and forgot his normal activities... as such, the universe attempts to compensate by creating Little Deaths for everything, even rats. At the end, Death absorbed all the Little Deaths except for the Death of Rats. Perhaps because he is in need of a friend. In any case, Death of Rats now acts as an assistant, advisor, and confidant to Death. It was also established that he is also the Death of Hamsters in the book Soul Music.

Only a few beings are actually able to understand the Death of Rats. Namely: Death, Susan Sto-Helit, Wizards from Unseen University, Mort, and of course, rats. This is because, a typical conversation with the Death of Rats goes something like this.

Death: INDEED.

The Death of Rats can also be summoned by The Rite of AshkEnte, just as normal Death can, and in fact has been summoned by mistake when Death was not available.

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