David Mack is the writer and artist of the comic book series, Kabuki, and has also been involved with Daredevil and other projets. His unorthodox style has won him the Harvey, Eisner, and Kirby, among other awards. Proficient at black and white inkwork, painting, multimedia, and collage, Mack draws upon his schizophrenia as a source of artistic energy. He is fascinated with East Asia (especially Japan) and a certain amount of exoticism/Orientalism pervades his work, especially with his favorite subjects--dangerous and highly sexualized Asian females.

Although Mack's early work on Kabuki was stylized but realistic, clean and innovative in terms of layout, his more recent productions have become increasingly self-referential and unimaginative. An over-reliance on painting from posed photographs has had a negative impact on the overall quality of his work, although most fans don't seem to mind.

That said, David Mack is still among the most original American comic book artists. His website is at http://www.nohtv.com --however, it has not been updated since 2000 (at this time), so it might be best to look for news about his current projects elsewhere.

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