An instrumental from Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombones LP from 1982. So there will be no lyrics here. But there will be a writeup. "Dave the Butcher" was an epithet on some basketball courts in New York City. Dave DeBusschere was a forward for the champion New York Knicks in the early 70s, an artless player known for his tough defense - some would say he got away with murder, hacking, bumping, shoving. (Of course, such behavior is par for the course in the modern-day NBA).

So out on the NYC playground courts, if you were a little too DeBusschere-like in your playing, you risked being called "Dave the Butcher".

DeBusschere was a multi-sport athlete, having been a pitcher in Major League Baseball (for the Chicago White Sox) before choosing basketball full-time in the mid 1960s - a trade with the Detroit Pistons brought him to New York; he became the last component in the rebuilding of the Knicks.

He quickly became an executive after his playing career, first for the ABA's New York Nets. He was as undistinguished as a suit as he was as an athlete. He punched the clock, did his job, did it well, but that's about it.

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