A New Zealand singer, songwriter and guitarist who has a handful of albums, with bands and solo.

If the songs appear to be focused on Annaliesje, the woman I married, they are. She appreciates that, but she also
appreciates that I'm not just writing for her, I'm just in love. And I'm becoming
more and more in love with the idea of
being in love. I won't change. I get a sense
of frailty while I'm doing those things
because I'm moved emotionally, but what
the hell. I love the way it hits me, and I
like hitting people with an emotional thing.
Whether they take it to their heart or throw
it away is up to them, but I'm prepared to be that honest about myself.

I was getting quite punch-drunk. The Australians didn't really want to
know, I was always on the back foot as a New Zealander. And I was looking
for success in all the wrong places. It really only came right a couple of years

During the Footrots period I got all this gear and suddenly I had the mechanics to do things that were always
sitting there, and I was exploding to do them. I learned a lot of things in a very short time. Writing discipline.
During that period I became an arranger, something I'd never been. During DD Smash we bumbled through arrangement and were quite brash about it. It
still worked.

For years, I felt this weird feeling each time I came back to Auckland. But then it just vanished. At the time of the
(inciting a riot) trial I was staying in the De Bretts Hotel - completely drunk all the time, it was
the only way to handle it. And my mother-in-law gave me a bit of advice: 'If
you plant the seeds of bitterness, they will consume you.' And that stuck with
me. I'd met a lot of bitter and twisted people and that was the last thing I

"I was quite bewildered by what happened. It was really frightening, especially
when I learnt that the prosecutor had put Arthur Allan Thomas away three times. It was a
hellish time. I'd only just recovered from a bad, gangrenous appendix thing, I was in
hospital for six weeks and almost died. The same year Mushroom Records bought up
a roster of Australian acts and we were relegated. That knocked the stuffing out of
me. And I felt musically I'd turned into this
vaudevillian act. So I was a bit betwixt - which
remained for a few years, really." - Dave

"There's a lot of contrived tracks on that album (The Optimist), lonely tracks like 'Tobacco Indian', which I'm still proud of, but at that
stage I hadn't developed an empathy with people I could communicate with. It was like I wanted to show everyone my
chops, to show that I was capable of singing and playing jazz or rock and roll and many different styles. Totally
experimental." - Dave Dobbyn

I have very fond memories of the band, though I can't remember 1979.
Because of Th' Dudes I became more outgoing. I was doomed to be a shy

Note that all ``music awards'' referred to are the New Zealand music awards.


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