The Dandy Warhols' sound is an intriguing, although not entirely satisfying mix of classic, British Invasion pop, and watered down shoegazer tripe. Their lead singer, Courtney Taylor (male), hooked up with keyboardist Zia McCabe, guitarist Peter Holmstrom and drummer Eric Hedford, and recorded their debut, Dandys Rule, OK? in 1995. After touring with Electrafixion and Love and Rockets, a bidding war ensued, and they were signed to Capitol and recorded The Dandy Warhols Come Down. Both of these albums are real mixed bags and don't come with recommendations. While they do have a knack for both punchy pop hooks and detailed sonic dreamscapes, these are things that don't work well together. However, when they ditch one aspect for the other, they achieve success. (E.g. their hit single "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth") Their latest album, 13 Tales from Urban Bohemia has given us two trailer singles, "Get Off" and "Bohemian Like You."

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