Pop/rock band from Boston, MA. Not so much different than some bouncy modern rock, but it sure is a heck of a lot better. Formed in 1995 in Northampton, MA by Ginny Weaver and Brendan Lynch (now a happily married couple), singers and guitarists each, although Weaver sings most of the songs. Moved to Boston soon thereafter, and added Chris Foley, drummer (Jen Trynin, SSD) and Owen Burkett, bassist (Incinerator). Signed to Catapult Records, a smallish Boston record label with a couple good bands (Fuzzy, Crazy Alice).

Star Ghost Dog have won a bunch of Boston music awards, including "Best Up-and-Coming Artist" for 2000 in Boston magazine, and "Outstanding New Rock Band" in the 2000 Boston Music Awards. Had "Underdrive," a single from their second album, featured on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They've also received radio play on several Northeast alternative radio stations; personally, I don't understand why they're not wildly popular. Most of their songs are fairly conventional rock; lots of 4/4 time and guitar melodies without any screeches. They do have really nifty lyrics; the first singles from their first two albums contained the lines "I've got plus des vaches" (many cows, I think), and "charismatic megafauna." They also beat the Dandy Warhols to the "song ironically mocking heroin chic" punch with "Heroin Face," from Happylove.


"Automatic Caution Door" 7" - Scientific Records, 1998
Happylove - Catapult Records, 1998
"Underdrive" EP - Catapult Records, 1999
The Great Indoors - Catapult Records, 2000

with help from http://www.starghostdog.com

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