The Story of Crazy Alice

This story goes back to the time of the early settlements in Washington. Back then, there where valleys disconnected from the outer world for most of the year, with pathes only open in summer.

It was one bright summer, when a young couple of settlers, called John and Alice came with a trek of settlers down to Granite Falls. While most of the trek went further west, John decided they would get themselfs set up in a neat little valley they found on their way. Since there was only one, quite narrow path to reach it, they called it Hidden Valley. Alice didn't really feel comfortable with that, but didn't want to upset John while he was just so enthusiastic.

The first winter was really tough for them, two of their sheep they brought along died, but they managed to get through. In late spring, as soon as the path down to Granite Falls was free, they went down to buy some supplies. They met a couple of people and found some new friends there.

Alice and John returned the next summer, and the next one after that, till the people got used to their annual visit. Then there was a really rough winter, with snowfalls 'till the end of April, and the pathes weren't useable for weeks. The time the young couple usually visited the town came and passed, without a sign from them. Their friends back in Granite Falls got a bit concerned, but since heavy rainfalls started, there was nothing they could do. After the rains stopped and the tracks dried up, a bunch of men started out from the town got on their horses and rode of to see if John and Alice were well.

The night they reached they valley, they decided it would be the best to camp out and walk up to the house in the morning. They set up a bonfire and roasted some meat they had brought up, when they suddenly heard a terrible houl from far up the hill. "AAAUUUUHHHHH-UUUUHHH" It sounded like a pack of wolves were near them. The man were terrified. None of them had brought guns with them, so they decided they'd go up to the house right now, to seek shelter. When they finaly reached the top of the hill they suddenly saw something creeping in the shadow. One of the men asked: "Alice, is that you?"



I heard the story in a summer camp in Washington in '98. We all sat round a large bonfire, behind us the darkness, and when the camp leader got to the last sentence, all of whom had already heard the story would suddenly tilt there head back and houl in a creepy, creepy way. I nearly wed my pants, honestly spoken. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

- Everything Quests: Scary Stories

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