Dan Pope is the weatherman from channel 4, in Utah.

Who is Daniel Wayne Pope. Dan Pope is one of the two great meteorologists in Utah, Mark Ubank being the other. When polls are cast in Utah to find out which weathermen had the highest name recognition and how much they are liked, Dan Pope is typically the first name that comes up. Dan Pope’s father, Wayne, was a barber in Salt Lake City. Wayne is where Dan gets his middle name.

Dan went to the University of Utah, getting a meteorology scholarship, and achieved his degree. He chose the University of Utah over Weber State where he had a full ride scholarship for track, running the half and full mile. Dan Pope lived his entire life in Utah, up until he married my mother, Diane Hermanson. When they married they stayed in Utah for two years, had a child, my older brother, and then moved to Oregon Medford, where I was born. They stayed in Oregon only a month, and then moved to Atlanta Georgia. Dan stayed in Georgia for only three years before moving to Milwaukee Wisconsin. Here is where his career mainly kicked off, before he had been lucky to fill in at the station in Georgia. But now he got the weekend job at channel 12 in Milwaukee. He stayed here for two years before finally getting accepted to Channel four in Utah. He applied to channel four annually until five years later when accepted. At channel four he became the weekday weatherman, on the 5:30, 6:00, and 10:00 o’clock shows. He became an instant hit, increasing channel four’s rating points immediately. Part of the reason he became such a hit was because of his dad, Wayne, who was a barber in SLC, advertised to his thousand customers. By word of mouth, Dan became famous. Dan Pope has been in Utah and working for channel four as their head meteorologist for over twelve years. His contract is the longest signed at channel four, and continues to stay signed.

List of stations abbreviated that Dan Pope worked for:

What is it like having Dan Pope, a celebrity, for my father? It is about as nice as having a cherry on your ice-cream. I love my father, and he is a great father too. I at any time can go see my dad at his work, wander through the building (which has over 1,000 televisions and computers). At school I get made fun of, and people think I’m cocky and prideful (only because I admit he is my father.) But it is definitely worth having my dad being Dan Pope, and I love it.

Update: Dan now works for KSL, channel five in Utah. Mark Ubank has retired and Kevin Ubank now works at channel five as well - making it the most resourceful station for weather.

Mr. Pope passed is the first Utahn to be certified by the American Meteorological Society.

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