I'm growing my side burns out. Originally I wanted to grow a full chin strap but I saw an old high school friend tonight who laughed at the idea. I then realized how some of my goals are terrible. This led to me thinking about the status quo of things. I tampered around and came to some conclussions.

First, my father recently (last week) accepted a job at KSL (Channel 5), he's a meteorologist. He had a job with KTVX (Channel 4), but they didn't renew his contract. Bottom line is this - new job, same state, half pay, going to sell the house. I realized I'm glad my dad didn't decide to move to Rono (sp?) Virginia - even if for a better paying job.

Second, I realized my old best friend from 6th-10th (11th? 12th? I'm not sure) grade was a complete ass. Perhaps I am too, but - I always gave him everything I could, I did my best to be there for him. I gave my time, mind, everything. I feel left out in the dark in the sense that he probably never considered me a close friend to this day, and its like him paying me for some side jobs was like him paying me back for everything I did for him was going to bring his "debt" or whatever the hell he felt obligated for to equal. I needed the money, don't get me wrong, but all I really wanted from him was honesty and friendship. Of which neither were truly fulfilled.

Third, this Christmas was the most practical Christmas I will ever have. Up until five days ago my family thought they were moving to Virgina. My mother had bought us the most practical house-hold items for Christmas this year. While my parents would have been leaving the state, my older brother and I would still be continuing our schooling in Utah. Tupaware, a masher for mashed potatoes, pans, pots, twirling egg beater thingies - hey I don't have a clue what you call them, glue gun, powered drill with bits, etc. Now - I'm exluding anything Lyndsie gave to me for Christmas, she was a true friend when it came to that.

There were two intangible gifts this year that stand out above all the tangible ones. On Christmas Eve my true bestest friend I'll ever have, called me from Washington D.C. where he is serving an LDS mission. He is the most respectable guy I have ever met. I miss him dearly. He called me right after his family - I will never forget the joy from a simple phone call from a humble person reaching out to me, never.

I also stopped by an old friend's house tonight. We had been on a couple of dates and she was two years younger. She was probably the most darling girl I knew in high school, most polite and beautiful girl you can imagine. Her politeness and beautty do go hand in hand, it's just like that. She made me think the world was simple again. We talked for a couple hours tonight and I truly did feel like I was happy being a humanbeing. We laughed and laughed. It was the good old times. While I was there her best friend and her best friend's sister showed up, who I had also dated upon ocassion. I almost brought tears to her eyes tonight thanking her for being who she was to me in high school as well. It was nice being around such good people tonight. She had gone through some hard times and so had I, we shared a lot of feelings together back then - and it had been two years since I had last seen her. She is also transferring up to my school, Weber - and her missionary gets home in ten months, but that's another story for another time.

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