Dahak is the source of ultimate evil from the third season of Xena, Warrior Princess, whose only goal is complete world destruction. He is a god, but he is not an Olympian; rather he leads an independent cult that pretends to worship the One-God of the Israelites. Under this guise, the daemon followers of Dahak convince Xena to protect their temple from the Romans.

It is in the temple of Dahak that Gabrielle is forced to take her first human life (or "lose her blood-innocence", as she put it herself). Her innocence lost, Gabrielle becomes vulnerable to Dahak, who takes her into his flame and impregnates her with his own evil seed, who will become, in essence, the Antichrist.

When Gabrielle gives birth to her new daughter, whom she ironically calls Hope, she is taken by an internal conflict between her love as a mother and the need to prevent world destruction. She chooses to save Hope from the prudent wrath of Xena, but Hope indeed grows to spread the evil "gospel" of her father throughout the world. Finally, after Hope murders Xena's son, Solon, Gabrielle kills her with poison.

However, the cult of Dahak soon returns with the help of Ares and Callisto; and Hope is revived in a cocoon, from which she emerges looking identical to Gabrielle. Among Dahak's brainwashed followers, Gabrielle is known as "the betrayer," and the new Hope is believed to harbinger a golden age of peace and purity. Of course, by purity they mean complete purgation of the human race. Gabrielle throws herself and Hope into Dahak's fire pit in an effort to kill her and save Xena(this is only the first death of Gabrielle in a series of many).

Defeated in Greece, Dahak then moves to Mesopotamia, where he tricks Hercules into killing the Sumerian gods and then slays Iolaus. He then follows Hercules back to Greece and possesses Iolaus's body for a second attempt at the Olympians. Dahak is finally exorcized from Iolaus and killed by Hercules in a metaphysical spirit world. It is here that the force of Dahak is finally replaced by the still darker force of Satan.

Dahak is one of the protagonists in David Weber's Fourth Imperium trilogy.

Dahak is an Utu-class spaceship of the Fourth Imperium's Battle Fleet, but nevertheless one should use the pronoun 'he' when referring to him, since he's controlled by a huge computer (Comp Cent) that has become self-aware on millennia of sentry duty.

Hull number: 177291

Shape and size: Roughly spherical without any larger protrusions, except for a huge emblem looking like a three-headed dragon. 3202.795 kilometres in diameter.

Crew: Core crew: 250,000 people; enough space is provided for a 60% increase in crew over the optimum deployment time of 25 years.

Drive: Sublight: Phased gravitonic progression drive, maximum speed is 52.4% of the speed of light. Superlight: 'Enchanach drive', which can basically move the ship anywhere, real fast.


  • Two-seat fighters
  • 80,000-ton sublight parasite battleships
  • Hyper-capable missile batteries with chemical, fusion, anti-matter or gravitonic warheads
  • Backing directed energy weapons

Power generation: 312 fusion reactors.

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