Dahak is one of the protagonists in David Weber's Fourth Imperium trilogy.

Dahak is an Utu-class spaceship of the Fourth Imperium's Battle Fleet, but nevertheless one should use the pronoun 'he' when referring to him, since he's controlled by a huge computer (Comp Cent) that has become self-aware on millennia of sentry duty.

Hull number: 177291

Shape and size: Roughly spherical without any larger protrusions, except for a huge emblem looking like a three-headed dragon. 3202.795 kilometres in diameter.

Crew: Core crew: 250,000 people; enough space is provided for a 60% increase in crew over the optimum deployment time of 25 years.

Drive: Sublight: Phased gravitonic progression drive, maximum speed is 52.4% of the speed of light. Superlight: 'Enchanach drive', which can basically move the ship anywhere, real fast.


  • Two-seat fighters
  • 80,000-ton sublight parasite battleships
  • Hyper-capable missile batteries with chemical, fusion, anti-matter or gravitonic warheads
  • Backing directed energy weapons

Power generation: 312 fusion reactors.

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