Xena Warrior Princess's petite blond sidekick. Fondly called Gabby, she was born in the village of Potadeia. Most will agree that there is some kind of lesbian thing going on between her and Xena.... there is a considerable amount of lesbian subtext incorporated intentionally into the show. Gabrielle used to wear a curious garment the fans called her BGSB (bilious green sports bra); now she's had a new age eastern-influenced makeover and chopped off her lovely long locks.

Gabrielle is also a British female singer. She has released several rather popular albums, such as 'Find Your Way' and 'Gabrielle'. Her most famous (and probably best ever) single was 'Rise', although other notable ones include 'Dreams' and 'Walk On By'.

She has been known to perform on Jools Holland's show. She has duetted with East 17, when recording 'If You Ever'. She has also been known to produce music especially for films. 'Out Of Reach' was made for (and played in) Bridget Jones's Diary.

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