While hellbent on stardom, vocalist Tony Mortimer badgered Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins for a gig. He offered Mortimer a job as a dancer for Faith Hope And Charity (featuring TV starlet Dani Behr), before being convinced by Mortimer's demo 'Deep'.

After drafting in schoolfriend vocalists John Hendy, Brian Harvey and Terry Coldwell, the band signed to London Records on April Fool's Day 1992. Their drug connotations forced the expansion of original moniker E17 (their hometown postcode), but proved no obstacle to Top 10 debut 'House of Love' from Walthamstow (1993). Harvey continued their 'bad boy' image with a cannabis bust. Their UK No 1 'Stay Another Day' came from Steam (1994), but Up All Night (1995) was overshadowed by reported dissension. After their classy Gabrielle duet 'If You Ever' and hit collection Around The World (1996), Harvey was sacked for endorsing Ecstasy and Mortimer quit to join Sub Zero. After Harvey was reinstated, East 17 are currently looking for a new deal.

Sources: East 17 Talkback
The K-9 Club

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