Creme De Noyaux is a Cordial (or Liqueur) that remains fairly unheard of for the simple fact that it is illegal in most states by their respective Liquor Control Commision. It has been rumoured that many LCCs were not making enough money off this drink as very little is needed (normally 0.5 oz per drink) in any of the drinks that require it. It is normally around 45 proof (22.5% alcohol), almond in flavor and usually made with peach or apricot pits. Perhaps one of the reasons for its initial popularity is the fact that a very small amount of this liquid can turn an entire drink very red. You will find Creme De Noyaux in the following drinks: Due to the rarity of finding this liquer, many people substitue Amaretto (sometimes topped with Grenadine to compensate for the color and sweet taste) for Creme De Noyaux.

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