Core 2650 is an addictive sci-fi roleplaying MUD. It really breaks the mold in a lot of areas. Instead of killing monsters, the primary source of income is mining for valuable metals. No Klingons are found in the colony; instead, unique races have been created, including the slow-minded, Yeti-like vaurgch and lazy reptillian gorbu. Also, coders often hold special events, such as invasions, trade shows, and fires in the domes.

The economy is primarily driven by players, who can own their own businesses, as well as hire other players to work for them. There are no NPC shopkeepers here. Core 2650 also has a very good auction system, which players and coders can use to sell a large variety of items.

The MUD Core 2651 takes place on a planet, Core, orbiting the dwarf star Hermes 571-G. The atmosphere of the planet is unbreathable, being primarily a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane.

Players of the MUD take the role of miners working for The Company, an interstellar corporation of tremendous scale. The Company claimed Core under an obscure clause in the Counter Empire Act of 2149, and defends it against invasion using an ad hoc militia under the Corporation Militia Law of 2375. The reason for this exercise in corporate sovereignty is that deep inside the crust of Core can be found an element previously undiscovered in nature, corezite, that allows the faster than light Carpenter drives to perform at greater efficiency and speed.

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