An LPMud run at Warwick University up until about 1992. Popular amongst UK students in the days before full internet connectivity and global telnet access.

I can't remember when I started playing this mud. Just like I can't remember quite a lot of my time at University. I was originally playing mist at the University of Essex. This was a more classic style mud. Hard-coded, fast, and resetting. Unfortunately it was prone to not being available. So I played Warwick in the meantime.

Warwick mud became as much a social thing as anything else. Even to the extent of spawning its own talker, written in LP, Cat chat. This was later usurped by a dedicated talker, Cheeseplant's House.

I very nearly made wizard on this mud. That vaulted level where you get to start coding your own area. Sadly at 9am in the morning, as other students were turning up for lectures, I'd just died and the mud was taken down for the day as normal. Except this time it never returned.

Rumour has it questions had been asked of sysadmins by people in the US asking how they could get into it. I guess it came to the notice of too many bigwigs and was shut down.

Within months, JIPS was in place and everybody had telnet access. The internet had arrived and there were 1001 muds to choose from. Sadly none of them seemed to have the same atmosphere as Warwick. Mostly due to the bad reputation player killing had.

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