Claude Kenni is one of the two possible main characters in Star Ocean: The Second Story, Rena Lanford being the other. Claude is a newly-commissioned nineteen-year-old human ensign in the suspiciously Star Trek-like Earth Federation, which apparently comes complete with a Prime Directive-like regulation, as through most of the game Claude is very vague about his origins. He ended up on Expel due to an accident during a routine mission, giving him the opportunity to forge an identity beyond simply being the son of the famous hero Ronixis J. Kenni.

Claude is sometimes referred to as Crawd in the game's voice samples or by the occasional fan.

Availability: Required
Character Type: Warrior
Weapon: Sword

Claude's Killer Moves


Like a good Presbyterian, I'm filling in holes regarding characters in Star Ocean: The Second Story. This is a list for Claude Kenni.

Phase Gun
Cost: 0 MP; Maximum Proficiency: NA
Set the dial for Feisty! Claude starts out with this, but he can't use it after one of the first dungeons in the game. Shame, because it's about ninety times more powerful than...

Air Slash
Cost: 4 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ???
While this is a fine first killer move for Claude, it will easily be outclassed by newcomers in the field. But, to describe, Claude sends a snaking trail of energy at an enemy.

Shooting Stars
Cost: 7 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ???
At long range: Claude fires a bolt of energy from his fist. At short range: Claude's fists split into illusory versions and pummel an enemy. The first multi-hit attack, and a contender to the end.

Head Splitter
Cost: 9 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ???
Claude jumps into the air and attempts to land sword first on an enemy. If this DOES work, it's great. However, if the enemy moves a bit (which is to say, not a lot), the attack will miss. BLECH.

Energy Sword
Cost: 11 MP; Maximum Proficiency: Jimmy Hoffa should know
Claude heals himself. Dilemma: are you willing to waste a slot on healing, when you know that you could just put a better attack in there? This move is entirely useless. Claude will either get disrupted, or you can use common sense, and just have Rena or Noel heal him.

Burst Knuckle
Cost: 12 MP; Maximum Proficiency: 100
Claude fires an energy blast at an enemy. This works well at top proficiency, but nowhere else.

Ripper Blast
Cost: 17 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ?!?
"Tear into pieces!" Claude summons up jagged boulders from the ground to attack enemies. Oddly, it hits flying enemies too. Anyhow, while the damage is only average, as it levels up, not only do you get insane amounts of rocks, the attack begins to hit multiple times. YES!

Twin Slash
Cost: 15 MP; Maximum Proficiency: 170?
Like the name says. At higher levels, he hits four times. Considering what comes next, this is pointless...

Dragon Howl
Cost: 28 MP; Maximum Proficiency: 500
Claude summons the ghost of a dragon to attack an enemy in a puff of ether. This attack hits almost as much as Tear Gas! (see Chisato's Killer Moves) However, like Tear Gas, it's really expensive. But so worth it.

Sword Bomber
Cost: 32 MP; Maximum Proficiency: 420
Claude lobs fire at the enemies below. Too expensive for too little. Besides, you're about to hit the final move...

Mirror Slice
Cost: 38 MP; Maximum Proficiency: 460
Kick! Punch! Slash! Honk! Errr, anyhow, Claude does a graceful slicing attack that just happens to kick patoot. Combine this with a weaker multi-hit attack like Shooting Stars for HAVOC.

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