A celebrity panel quiz show hosted by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

Original version (circa 1995-1998) featured regular team captains Ulrika Jonsson and Mark Lamarr and scorekeeping by George Dawes (Matt Lucas). Each team had two celebrity guests. The new (2002) series replaces Lamarr with Will Self and introduces Johnny Vegas as regular guest on Ulrika's team.

The first three series included The Dove from Above round (or The Crow From Below, The Vest From The West, The Beast from The East, and George Dawes From the Upper Floors, etc.) whereas the new series has the Wonderful Car round instead. Subsections of this round include the club singer question, George's song and the IRANU mystery prize. Other rounds include the true or false round, the quickfire round ("We really want to see those fingers") and the final challenge (where one member of the winning team has to perform a bizarre physical feat).

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