Claire's Stores, Inc. is the world's leading mall-based retailer specializing in one-stop shopping for teens' accessories and apparel and currently operates approximately 3,072 stores throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France. Claire's has 3 store concepts: Claire's Accessories, Afterthoughts and Mr. Rags. Claire's is also the largest piercer of ears in North America.

from my personal experience:

this is the place where I, and every guy for whom I know where they got their one or more ear piercings, got their ear(s) pierced, so while I can't vouch for their claim of being "the largest piercer of ears in North America", I can say that they have pierced a large percentage of my friends' ears...

Although Claire's claims to be marketed at a 'teen' audience, they do more business for the preteen-young teen group than older teens. It's a very popular place for girls from about 8-14 or so, although older folks, even adults, will wander in from time to time in search of something.

Their main products are hair accessories, from scuncees to headbands to bandanas to tiaras; costume jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets (and the occasional ring); sunglasses; temporary tattos; and "room" accessories such as inflateable furniture, steering wheel covers, fuzzy cushions, pillows, and the like. They have a couple lines of "nicer" products including jewelry marketed for prom/evening wear and some of the nicer hair accessories of the "seen on tv" genre.

The majority of their products look like they were made for the market group they sell to--pastel and flourescent colored butterflies, turtles, studs, rhinestones and the like--but they do have some nice things in from time to time, including cubic zirconium jewelry, freshwater pearls and some nice items in costume metals.

The best thign going for claires is their prices. Most of their products are between two and six dollars, and even the most expensive jewelry rarely passes 10 dollars. A single item (except for "room" stuff) hitting $20 is unheard of. It's a good place to go for a multipack of hair accessories or a pair of earrings you really need but don't want to pay 30 bucks for in a department store. Even better than their prices are their sales. At the end of nearly every season, they have a redline bin that you can pick 10 items for $10 out of. Usually it's picked-over things but if you're willing to dig enough some neat thigns can be unearthed.

Claire's does offer ear-piercing, as mentioned above. It's popular with kids who don't want to go to the doctor or their mother's beauty salon to have the job done. It's a place for them, so it's much cooler. Claire's offers free ear piercing w/ an earring purchase, or free earrings w/ a piercing purchase--I do not recall which. However, Claire's does follow state law and will not pierce children's ears without adult consent, and they do not offer piercing of any other body part.

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