Christina Milian is hot - that is all you need to know. And all this stuff as well.

It's official - I love Christina Milian and want to marry her! She is officially the most beautiful woman in the universe. Now I know I may have said similar things about someone else once before but this time it's different. I was young and rash back then. This time I mean it. Even the parts I stole verbatim.

About the girl

Guess what - Christina Milian is Cuban! Bet you didn't see that one coming. Thankfully her parents saw the benefits of potential stardom in a free market and gave birth to her in New Jersey in September of 1981, raising her in Waldorf, Maryland. She also has two younger sisters but I haven't seen them.

From a very early age Christina seemed determined to be a star of some sort, claiming that she used to "try to get into the television" when she was little. The logistics of this as a path to stardom proved sadly ineffectual however, and it wasn't until she was older that she landed a role in a musical theatre play and later became a junior journalist on the Disney Channel's "Movie Surfers".

Aged thirteen Christina moved with her mom to Los Angeles to pursue acting (hmm, my uncle lives in Orange County - maybe I should take a trip over someday) and, being inhumanly beautiful and perfect in every way, began landing guest spots on TV shows like Clueless, Charmed, Sister Sister and Get Real. She also gave voice to some animated character or other in A Bug's Life and since then has gone on to star in literally millons of movies, including "Man of the House" with Tommy Lee Jones and "Be Cool" alongside John Travolta and all the rest of them there, to name just a few. Well, to name the ones I can remember anyway (she's been in loads of films I haven't even heard of, but I'm sure they're all great though innit).

Music career

However, acting is not the only thing Christina pursued whilst in California. "It was there that I met Rodney Jerkins, who inspired me to get into recording music," she says, clearly making up that guy's name. In 2000 she lent her heavenly vocals to a hook on Ja Rule's number one hit "Between Me and You" and people the world over began to notice a rising talent so inspiring it managed to get a Ja Rule single to number one. "Ja Rule didn't even know who I was when I recorded the song. After I did it, he loved the result," Christina says with a strangely empty laugh.

Buoyed up by the success of her single "AM to PM" Christina went mad writing stuff, touring seventeen countries between 2001 and 2002, even co-writing Jennifer Lopez's hit "Play" while she was at it, and in no time she had a load more singles and a completed album out. Since then she has only gone from strength to strength, starring in loads more movies and coming out with another album which is really good and sounds so sexy it's genuinely frightening.

She also had the lead role in Annie before she moved to California. Should I have mentioned that earlier? Who cares.


So anyway, she made some albums, including her debut, the bizarrely-titled Christina Milian in 2001, featuring such classics as AM to PM. Then in 2004 came It's About Time, featuring such classics as Dip It Low. Then in 2006 came So Amazin', featuring such classics as So Amazin'. Then later in 2006 she was dropped by Def Jam records due to "creative differences", ie her album was crap and nobody bought it (I actually thought it was quite good, but there you go). A best-of album was released under the Universal International label however, and she currently claims to be working on another album right now.

Almost interestingly, most of her chart success comes from the UK, thus proving that we have more sense over here.

Personal Life

People she is reported to have dated include not me (most importantly), Rashad Morris (whoever the hell that is), Eric West (whoever the hell that is), Nick Cannon (whoever the etc.), Anthony Medina (honestly half of these guys sound like chicks) and at one point Dr. Dre claimed to be dating her, which she denied, presumably out of sheer embarrassment, even if it were true, which it probably wasn't, and was just something Dr. Dre said to make himself feel better about the relentless onward march of time and the fact Snoop Dogg dumped him. I don't know who she's going out with now, who cares, it's not me.

Christina also complained about the racism that she received whilst filming Pulse in Romania, where people reputedly pointed and laughed at her while going "Black! Black! Black!" Whilst it bears pointing out that she is indeed black, the overall tone and stance taken made it clear that these were more than mere statements of fact. "I couldn't believe it!" she said disbelievingly, "I had never experienced that in my life, and you can't even say anything. It's like, what am I going to say?" Yes... what are you going to say eh? Jeez.

Fun fact: some common misspelings include Christiana Milian and Christina Millian! Hilarious!

If you want a useful article about Christina Milian then go to Wikipedia otherwise if you just want more of this drivel then go to my own totally unbiased fan site at where I prove using science that she is the most beautiful woman in the history of the universe! I also copied & pasted this here writeup for the "Bio" section but you don't mind that now do you.

Official fan site: but be warned, it's rubbish (that's if you can wait the ten weeks for the flash to load)

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