A friend of mine saw this one day graffitied on the side of a building while on a trip across the New Hampshire Countryside in 1997. He read the words aloud:

"Chicken Farmer, I still love you."

What could it mean, he thought. Who was this Chicken Farmer, and who was it that loved him enough to write it on the walls? When he returned from his trip, my friend shared this peculiar story with me. I too became fascinated with the phrase, and the meaning behind it that I would never discover.

Chicken Farmer, I still love you.

For years I have pondered it's meaning, in my most curious and loneliest of moments. But I have found only this - There is great comfort to be had in knowing that someone, somewhere, still loves a Chicken Farmer. That their love exists is like the solace of a warm blanket. And in my moments of darkness and isolation or joy and humility, I find myself uttering this simple truth to be known.

"Chicken Farmer, I still love you."

Should everyone be so lucky.

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