b. July 21, 1944 d. August 19, 2012

British Formalist Filmmaker, brother of Ridley Scott. Though often considered less talented than his brother (who directed "Blade Runner", "Thelma & Louise" and "Gladiator", among others and with whom Tony produces films through their company, Scott Free Productions), Tony Scott also has a distinct look and atomosphere to his films, which for a period between the early 80's and mid 90's consisted of a very specific form of backlighting.

Tony Scott is known as a "popcorn" filmmaker, consistently directing projects produced by "popcorn" producer Jerry Bruckheimer - allowing himself to be dubbed "Bruckheimer's Bitch" by bitter artistic film students across the United States.

Tony Scott's beautifully crafted lesbian/vampire myth "The Hunger" starring David Bowie and Susan Sarandon was an epic undertaking for an American film, and was critically attacked. The lack of support for the film cost Tony Scott the job of helming the much-anticipated "Starman" motion picture starring Jeff Bridges. Scott would not work on a Hollywood picture again for three years until he finished his next film, which was called "Top Gun".

From that point on, Tony Scott would become a popular Hollywood Player and a major creative force behind many highly entertaining blockbuster films.

Tony Scott's films include "The Hunger", "Top Gun", "Beverly Hills Cop 2", "Revenge", "Crimson Tide", "Days of Thunder", "The Last Boyscout", "True Romance", "The Fan", "Enemy Of The State", "Spy Game", "Man on Fire" and "Domino".

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