Days of thunder see me shine...
All my dreams turn out fine.

Year Released: 1990
Director: Tony Scott
Screenplay: Robert Towne
Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Gerald R. Molen, Don Simpson
Original Musical Score: Hans Zimmer


Tom Cruise ....Cole Trickle
Robert Duvall ....Harry Hogge
Nicole Kidman ....Dr. Claire Lewicki
Randy Quaid ....Tim Daland
Cary Elwes ....Russ Wheeler
Michael Rooker ....Rowdy Burns

I really, really enjoyed the movie Days of Thunder when it came out in 1990—it’s basically Top Gun rehashed with cars instead of fighter jets, but it’s still pretty cool if you’re not expecting an intellectual masterpiece. Tom Cruise plays Cole Trickle, a young race car driver who tries to make it big on the NASCAR circuit by working with crew chief Harry Hogge (Robert Duvall). Nicole Kidman plays Dr. Claire Lewicki, Cruise’s love interest for the movie; she plays the doctor who treats Cruise after a racing mishap. This is how Kidman and Cruise met in real life; they were married in late 1990 and stayed married for almost a decade.

The soundtrack to the movie is top notch, and I was humming the main theme to the movie for weeks. There’s actually TWO soundtracks available—one of just the instrumental score (composed by Hans Zimmer), and one for the regular songs heard throughout the movie. The Last Note of Freedom and Deal For Life are quite good and fit the movie well.

Musical Soundtrack

  1. Trail of Broken Hearts by Cher
  2. Hearts in Trouble by Chicago
  3. The Last Note of Freedom by David Coverdale
  4. Knockin On Heaven’s Door by Guns N Roses
  5. Long Live The Night by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  6. You Gotta Love Someone by Elton John
  7. Show Me Heaven by Maria McKee
  8. Gimme Some Lovin by Terry Reid
  9. Thunder Box by Apollo Smile
  10. Break Through The Barrier by Tina Turner
  11. Deal For Life by John Waite

Score (Composed by Hans Zimmer)

  1. Main Title
  2. Test Drive
  3. A New Driver
  4. Introduction
  5. Cole’s Round
  6. Car Building
  7. Darlington/First Victory
  8. Kamikaze Drivers
  9. The Crash
  10. Casualty Ward/Talk To Me
  11. Wheelchair Race
  12. Cole & Clair/Rental Care Chase
  13. Cole’s Call/Dating Claire
  14. See Me Drive
  15. Drafting
  16. Atlanta/Burning Car
  17. Cole Vs. Russ
  18. Reflections
  19. Drive My Car/Rowdy’s Wish
  20. Scared
  21. Harry’s Speech/Daytona
  22. Dawn
  23. Victory Lane
  24. End Titles

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