On Facebook, her face is bruised her friends
have crowbars. Here, all we know is
you got fired
like out of a cannon
and the doors were locked.

What do I know? You're so sharp, boy
cut your friends like a knife. What do I know?
Nothing but "the bitch is crazy, the bitch is the bitch is"
and too much beer on a Tuesday night.

But I saw those bruises, her black eyes, the
throat, her wide eyes. I know what you're like
after a beer or four.

I know what you're like. I know
what your ex-girlfriends say. I know
how you cut people open, lay them out
tell them "this is how to be, this is how it is,
oh hey - I'm just being honest". Okay. But.

They say you're in trouble. The doors are locked
the mugshots taken. We're in
the third act now -
where Hamlet drinks the poison
and all your countries fail.

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