Soon I will be moving away from my birthplace and hometown of Chattanooga, TN, USA. While many people who live here complain about the city, I feel it is by far one of the best places in this region to live. Crime isn't as big of a deal as in other similar sized cities, the city really isn't tiny, the people are generally courteous and friendly and for a medium sized southern city it is fairly diverse in its offering of entertainment. Here are some facts:

Chattanooga is located at 35degrees 2' N 85degrees 12' W on the Tennessee river. The surronding "mountains" (not all of them are high enough to be classified as a mountain) are Raccon, Signal and Lookout. Large sources of industry in this area are textile, chemical, and metal. It is a major highway crossroads (infamous hwy 41) of 75 and 24 and very close to 59. We have, supposedly, the worlds largest freshwater aquarium.

Now, some interesting stuff.

Chattanooga has lots of recreational activities available. Finley Stadium for football and soccer, BellSouth park for baseball, a hockey ring (which I have not been able to locate) and a skate park beside finley stadium. Mentioning the skate park, many videos have been filmed in Chattanooga - it's a great place to skate. I reccomend the Downtown Library, any of our oddly sculpted parking garages, Coolidge Park and any area on Brainerd Road. There might still be a BMX track in East Ridge - but its been a while since I looked. There is a fair number of porn shops and we have DSL here (sarcastic wooping) and reasonable rates on t1 lines, I know some of you don't leave the house you sickos! If you are more interested in way-outdoors fun - all of the mountains are beautiful for hiking and camping and the Tennessee river is a great place to canoe. Hang gliding is also popular in this area (especially on Lookout and Raccon Mtn.) but for a more tame time there are great places for riding a bike - city, country (Tiftonia on Highway 41), extreme rural and many local parks. Chattanooga has a disgusting amount of parks.

The Tennessee Aquarium is here and I must admit it is a really neat place to go. We also have numerous Civil War Museums, the regional African American Museum, historic districts, historic hikes on Lookout Mtn, Rock City (pretty lame) Ruby Falls, and the Raccon Mtn TVA tour which is actually VERY interestind to know the history and to see the inside of raccon mountain and the pump storage plant.

The culture is unfortunately not extremly diverse. But do not expect the racism of the Civil War era or hicks straight out of deliverance. (Although they can probably spell better than I can.) Many people I have met around the US expect southerners to be no shoed freaks... only the hippies here are no shoed freaks. (hahaha)

I must admit that the hardest thing to leave will be the restaurants. Mudpie - a coffee house/ pizza joint. If you like yuppie food (lots of wraps and overly priced black beans) this is a great place. They usually have a kickass selection of beer and some decent wines (Guiness and Bass on tap there). Pisa Pizza - pizza joint. I have honestly never had better pizza. They have draft PBR for a buck and a great selection of brew including rare stuff like Arrogant Bastard Ale and Mikes Hard Lemonade. India Mahal - authenticate indian cuisine. Oh My Fucking God. Really good food and the friendliest service in Chattanooga. Make sure you drink the beer fast there because it tastes odd when warm. La Altenia - Mexican. Cheap. Good. Fast. Porto Fina - Italian. Gyros are great there. China Lee - Chinese. Yumm. Very cheap for great chinese food. The Thai Restaurant - hmm. Guess. They serve nice and spicey Thai and have a wonderful Thai tea. You can also buy clothes there. Nicks and Nickkis (two seperate) both are typical southern diners. If you like everything fried, go there.

Well. that generally covers it. Bye Chattanooga. I had fun. A few of your citizens are pretentious shits who don't know how good they have it. I'm glad I spent so much time there.

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