The school that Muke attends.

The history of the school of many names:

Established in 1892 as Graysville Academy in Graysville, Tennessee. In 1897 it became "Southern Industrial School", and in 1901 "Southern Training School".

In 1916, the school moved to the Thatcher farm outside Ooltewah and Chattanooga; the new location was named Collegedale, and the school was renamed Southern Junior College.

In 1944, after becoming a four-year institution, the name was changed to Southern Missionary College. By these initials - SMC - is derived the popular nickname "Southern Matrimonial College", because of the stereotype of coming to college to find a spouse. (It actually has some truth in it. My parents came to school and got married here...)

In 1982, it became Southern College of Seventh-Day Adventists, and in 1996 became Southern Adventist University with the implementation of graduate-level programs.

Misc. data:

President: Gordon Bietz
Enrollment (as of 2000): Appx. 2,000 (yes, small..)

SAU is a Christian school, more specifically an Adventist one. Dormitory students attend worship, the community shops close on the Sabbath (even the post office delivers the Saturday mail on Sunday), and the cafeteria serves vegetarian fare (with non-dairy alternatives for those who want it). Students under 23 years of age are supposed to live on campus (unless they already have a home in the community), and older students, due to space constraints, are asked to live off campus (though this may change when the new residence halls are built).

As far as Internet goes, every room has an Ethernet connection per occupant; the school has a T1 or two; there is currently a proxy filtering naughty webpages, because some people who don't know how to use the www kept running into the stuff; and there are bandwidth limits most of the day (100 MB incoming and 50 MB outgoing twice a day, plus unlimited between midnight and 4 am) probably put in place because of things like Napster.

The most 'traditional' fields of study are probably Theology and Nursing, but there's a lot more than that: most recently, the School of Computing (computer science, networking, etc.) and the School of Visual Art and Design (animation, cinematography, graphic design, etc.) have been growing in leaps and bounds.

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