Fantasy novel by Jane Lindskold. * * * *

King Arthur, aka Gilgamesh, aka Odin, has a problem. Well, several problems.

In his Arizona hideaway, he has to prepare for a conclave of all the Athanor, earthly beings who appear to be immortal.

If that wasn't enough of a headache, all of the nymphs, Satyrs, sasquatches, unicorns, and the like are tired of being shut away from civilization. Sure, fear might provoke the mortals into something drastic -- but they (especially the satyrs) want to get out and have some fun!

Then the Changer, one of the oldest and most powerful athanor, arrives with a severely injured child of his (It is a coyote pup -- the Changer had been living as Coyote for awhile). He is angry -- someone is out to destroy him!

As events progress, it becomes clear that someone is out to destroy King Arthur and his allies. The trouble is, the methods they use just might destroy everyone and everything....

Although the immortals among us theme is a well-trodden path in Fantasy fiction, Ms Lindskold manages to present it in a novel way. Well worth reading.

Chan"ger (?), n.


One who changes or alters the form of anything.


One who deals in or changes money.

John ii. 14.


One apt to change; an inconstant person.


© Webster 1913.

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