This car stereo (aka deck, CD player, etc.) is one of the first to support the MP3 format. Made by Aiwa and in the standard form factor for a car audio component of its type, this little beauty goes about the issue of playing files in the MP3 format in a manner entirely more staightforward than that used by most solid-state, no-moving-parts style portable MP3 players.

The CDC-MP3 is largely a normal CD player. The difference is when you insert a CD-R (or RW) burned with MP3 files (designated with the .mp3 extension). The unit scans the disk for directory structure, etc, and then begins playing. It considers directories to designate albums, and refers to them as such. One level of directories is suggested, as the device can get confused after that (although I haven't had problems with going two deep for artist/album/song.mp3.

The unit was released in 2000, and sold at release for $300 USD. It can be had at Best Buy (that's where I got mine). I assume other similar stores carry this product as well.

The design of the face is very similar to other Aiwa decks that don't have the MP3 feature. The face is of the fold-down variety, which I personally don't like as much as the other kind. Of course the face is removeable, but frankly it's such a pain that I wish I would have used the screw that makes it non-removeable when I was installing it. On a related note, after about three months the face display no longer works and the only control that functions is the big volume knob. Since I got the Best Buy Performance Service Plan, I will be able to get the entire unit replaced as soon as I get around to removing it and bringing it in.

This thing has made my driving experience soooo much nicer...

Detachable In-Dash CD (MP-3) Receiver with Changer Controls

   * 45W x 4 Maximum Output Power
   * Source Level Adjuster
   * Plays CD, CD-R, CD-RW and CD-R/RW Encoded with MP-3 Data
   * Steering Wheel Remote
   * Supports
  	-ID3 Tag
 	-Variable Bit Rate (32k-320kbps)
  	-Long File Name (up to 32 letters)
   	-Directory Structure (up to 8 levels)
  	-Stereo, Monaural, Joint Stereo and Dual Format

I have one CD with 167 songs on it. Who needs a changer?

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