Perosteck plays a lady in Iain M. Banks' novel 'Consider Phlebas'. She makes her first appearance talking to the main character of the book Bora Horza Gobuchal, who is chained up to a wall in a room full of slowly rising sewage. Balveda is working for the enemy of Horza. Horza on the side of the Idirans, Balveda on the side of The Culture.
Throughout the beginning of the book, she goes off on her own ways, reappearing later on in the book to be taken prisoner by Horza, who takes her with him and his team on his mission to Scharrs World.
Throughout her travels, she starts to feel more like one of the team, much to her fear. Working to save the lives of her enemies, feeling compassion to those she would normally have killed.
We last see her at the end of the book, trying to save Horza's life, but to no avail. Apart from Unaha-Closp, (a drone taken on board by Horza as a servant). She was the only survivor.

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